Benefits of e-learning platforms in schools

Benefits of Online Learning Platform for Schools

An online learning platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provide trainers, learners, and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance education delivery and management.In the end, you’re going to choose the learning platform that presents your course in an engaging way for your learners. To help you decide how to differentiate between different LMS options. we have inserted some of the key benefits of school management systems to different educational groups.

1. Benefits to Teachers

  • Improve student engagement and collaboration – The discussion feature available in the Fedena Learn promotes collaboration between learners. Students can ask questions specific to each topic and can be answered by other students or teachers.
  • Stream recorded lectures – Teachers can upload the recorded lectures which can be downloaded by the students on their devices.
  • Setup and manage course content – Teachers can create media-rich courses and embed e-learning resources for the learners to access from their devices.
  • For subjects persistent records, subject diaries are incoporated to have records of what have been and what to be taught in classes. The diaries can be filled by staff assigned to a particular subject. Moreover, a subject teacher can view all past diaries for filling the new one.
  • Keeping data records and access of data when required makes their life super easy. Having an access to School Management System dashboard and Mobile App multiplies the productivity of academic and non-academic staff. Having power to report important activities on system reduces burden and improves the speed of communication. 

2. Benefits to Parents

  • Mobile learning – Parents can access the learning plans and learning contents to help the students learn from home and keep track of the academic activities and performance of the students.
  • Stay informed on exam schedules and key dates
  • Become an important part of their child’s positive experience of school life through timely and accurate information
  • Closely get an opportunity to observe their kid’s overall schooling experience

3. Benefits to Students

  • Watch recorded lectures  – Students can download the content along with the recorded videos and watch it offline.
  • Ask doubts – Students can ask questions and get answers using the discussion feature available in Fedena Learn.
  • Take notes – Students can save personal notes regarding each topic.
  • Track learning progress – The learners can keep track of their progress in the e-learning platform of Fedena Learn
  • It brings better learning outcomes for students. Mobile App and web access of school system makes life of students and parents super easy. Accessing all the important information on an app dashboard improves over-all connectivity with school. Having learning resources access on the app and system gives freedom for the student to learn anytime, anywhere with his/her own pace.