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We need technology in every classroom and in
every student, parent, and teachers hand, because
it is the pen and paper of our time.”

About us

Shuleyetu Innovations Limited under its core service is well delighted to present to you one of the knockout digital school management systems that integrate the school administrators, staff, students, and parents together in facilitating school cooperation and administration.

We’re working to solve day-to-day communication, operational, learning, and management issues through very organized and effective solutions by providing many of the important features of School Management systems which bring a lot of convenience and efficiency. Our School management software system` adds value not only to the teachers or school management. But also to the parents and nonteaching employees of the school.

Our Key Features

ShuleYetu.com is our flagship product. The Web platform delivers qualified school management that serves as a supplementary for analogy school management

Admission Management

Track admission enquiries, manage admission details digitally, customize admission forms & verify documents digitally.

Attendance Management

Easily mark the attendance & create an error-free timetable. Do classroom-allocation, subject-allocation to teachers.

Fees Management

Automatic fee collection, calculate tax on the types of fee transactions. Imply fine on late fees, add instant discounts, and monitor fee defaulters.

Transport System

Maintain vehicle information such as routing and stops, student allotment, fees details, fuel expense, repair info, license renewal, pollution check certification, and more.

Bulk Data Management

Record detailed information about any data, Data backup facility as well as easily customize the fields and add information on any records.

Timetable Management

Admin can allocate a substitute teacher to the class in case the teacher is absent, automatic timetable management system promotes the paperless environment and simplifies the payroll calculation for admins.

Why should you choose Shule Yetu?

Simple & Easy to use for Teachers

The system is designed to engage teachers and parents. No expertise is required to quickly accomplish a task.

Parent Access

The Software provides a platform to keep parents engaged and informed about their kid’s performance and activities as it will be difficult for parents to regularly visit the school in other way rounnd to stay connected to their child’s academic achievement.

Easy Fee Payment

The stress of standing on long bank queues to pay fees can be reduced to the barest minimum or completely overhauled. Shuleyetu.com provides a platform that allows parents to make fee payments online.

What our clients say about us

Johnbosco P Academic Teacher, Bondeni Sec

Shule Yetu is the best move towards a digital school. The initial installation is fast and easy. It is safe and reliable and above all it is cost friendly

Pauli Meru Headmaster, Kilomo Sec

Excellent Program to automate and manage data in our school, as well as easily organized for teacher and parents

JKB Secondary School Headmaster

We have Been with Shule Yetu.com since 2022, its been a great working with, and wonderful experience

ET Valley Academic Teacher

It has made schooling so convenient for our staff, teachers, parents and students.

Judith G Academic Teacher

ShuleYetu has been an integral part of our institute. All our data and records are on, which means it is all at one place, so useful in pulling reports.

    A Journey to Excellence

    We practice a lot if not many school management solutions to help schools discover the digital world. We help them to;

    A Journey to Excellence

    Equipping teachers with technology that will automate the boring work will enhance education and make it more powerful. Teachers can spend more quality time on what they are good at.